Rant (1) : in which I rant over the disrespectful house owner

God has blessed me with many things (thank you god) but anger management and docility aren’t any of them. I lose my anger in no time and I cuss like a sailor. I resent being told what to do. I hate it when someone is rude to me and I’m not afraid to tell them that to their face. But what I hate more, what I absolutely can’t tolerate, is when someone is rude to my parents. My dad to be exact. My mum is a lot like me (or is it , I’m a lot like my mum????) . She takes shit from no one. Hell, I’m pretty sure she’d baseball-throw it right back. Now, I’m not saying that is dad is weak or whatever because he isn’t . My dad, simply put, is nice. He never judges anyone. I’ve never heard him swear.  So when someone actually has the nerve to say anything that is disrespectful to him, I get mad. And by mad I mean I get so effing mad you will wish that you never even opened your mouth to utter those words.

Fact: my brother once told me that I have this way of glaring at people that makes them feel like a storm is coming.

My family and I don’t live in our home-country, so naturally, we live in a rented house. We’ve been living in the same house for about 4 years now and every year we argue with the owner because he keeps on increasing the rent price. Last month he called my dad, actually had the nerve to be disrespectful to him, then proceeded to inform him that he wants us out of the house by the end of June.


Of course, my dad isn’t the haha-you-can-swear-at-me-as-much-as-you-want type and he didn’t let the owner walk all over him but I was, and still am, shocked over this low class behavior.

We have started looking for new houses and I hope that we find one at the end of this month just to get away from this bastard and his house.


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