Rant (2): In Which I become an Evil Version of Myself

I had a book review planned for today. But as I was writing it, I felt like it wasn’t at the same level as my usual reviews (i.e. the expressions/sarcasm/fangirl-ing were lacking). And I can’t give you anything but the best. Hopefully, I’ll have it edited and uploaded by tomorrow.

These past few days have been very taxing. The house I mentioned in the previous post is out of question now. We went to check it again and found it lacking in many things that we had overlooked before. Sigh. The family minus me went to see another house today and they came back singing it praises. Let’s hope this is The One. Whoever you are, if you reading this, please pray for us. I’ve never seen my parents so defeated before and I just want that look to go away as soon as possible. If only I can see the guy who is responsible for all of this. I want to shout and scream at him so bad. Maybe even throw my shoe at him. I’ve sworn at him as I’ve never done before. I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that the house we are in right now doesn’t get rented. I want him to suffer. And then I’ll be glad. I’ll be so freaking glad.


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