Book Review: Shattered Vows by Carol Townend


Rosamund Miller longs for the lord’s handsome squire Oliver de Warenne, but is forced to wed another. And now she must face the dreaded custom of droit de seigneur, the lord’s right to bed a new bride in King Stephen’s England.
Warrior Oliver de Warenne is determined to become a knight, to gain wealth and power by wielding his sword. And he has hardened his heart against all else, including Rosamund the lovely miller’s daughter.
Then one night changes everything for them both… 

Passionate and involving, this medieval romance is set in twelfth century England during the troubled reign of King Stephen.
Originally published in 1989, this story has been lightly revised to update the language.

Rating: ★

This review took me some time to write. I had it as a draft for about a week, contemplating, oh god should I review this book omg I need to tone down my swearing in it but I don’t want to do that!!! I want to write exactly what I thought what should I dooooooo

Then I said screw it. I’m going to write the way I want and to hell with it.

So get ready people, cause Jinan is mad.


Rosamund, a miller’s daughter, is engaged to a man she doesn’t love. While walking on the beach on May Day she comes across a beautiful horse and when the owner of the horse, Oliver de Warenne, finds her petting the horse, he loses his shit because he thinks she’s trying to steal him. Bro you are so stupid. Anyway, so he gets really mad because how dare this peasant girl touch his horse??? Once Rosamund convinces him that she wasn’t trying to take his horse and run away, he becomes a marginally nicer person. After spending some time together they go their separate ways, not expecting to see each other again. Boy are they wrong. On the day Rosamund gets married, her new husband informs her that the lord of the castle wants to sleep with her. No, I don’t know what’s wrong with this stupid guy either. So off she goes and, surprise of surprises, the person who comes in her room is no one but good ol’ Oliver.

The rest of the plot is just a repetition of the following: oliver sleeps with her. he ignores her. she wants to get away.        


There are, oh, so many things that grated on my nerves while reading this book.

The reason that got them together after their separation wins first place. It annoyed me and by annoyed me I mean REALLY annnoyed me. How dare a lord demand ask to sleep with her first? And the fuck is wrong with her husband?? How did he accept?? Since when were humans such monsters?? OH WAIT DON’T ANSWER THAT. HUMANS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN MONSTERS.

Another thing is the Oliver-Rosamund relationship. It wasn’t healthy. I think Rosamund stuck around him because he was the first person to show her that she has some (albeit very negligible) value. Most of the time I felt sorry for her; she must have been treated really bad that she accepted Oliver’s behavior and saw nothing wrong with it. Whenever he ignored her she used to feel hurt for like five seconds then bounce back as if nothing happened. Close to the end, I thought that she was going to man up and tell him to stop treating her that way. You know what I got instead? She was going to tell him that he can marry whoever he wants but to please keep her as his mistress. Seriously? I washed my hands off her at that point.



On a scale of zero to Christian Gray, Oliver is a three. He wasn’t exactly abusive per se, but he was constantly mad/angry and trying to get it out on her. He probably thought that that made him more manly or something. For example, when his cousin played that trick on him and he went in the room and saw her there, he immediately thought she was part of it and wanted to punish her when, in fact, she was a victim as well.

Oliver is also bi-polar. One moment he was so loving and another he was acting as if she didn’t exist.


Rosamund is pathetic. She is so weak I felt sorry for her all the time. Say what you want to say, for the love of god. Rosamund was so weak that she was ready to do anything just so she can stay with Oliver. By the end of the book I was so fed up. No darling I don’t give a shit about how hot he is. You don’t let him walk all over you.

Bottom Line

This book is a farce. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Recommended to: People who like to read books that are so bad you want to butcher all the characters i.e. NO ONE


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