Infinite (Ignite#3) By Erica Crouch Blog Tour Part 1

Now that the release date is even closer, the blog tour has finally reached this humble blog!! *throws confetti*

What do I have in store for you, you ask?

First, a quick recap (find original cover reveal post here)

Here are the cover and synopsis to refresh your mind

Cover Reveal: Infinite, by Erica Crouch


There are infinite ways to die, and the fates are calling for blood. After evading Azael since her betrayal, it’s finally time for Pen to stop running and face her desperate brother. But she won’t have to challenge him alone: the rebel army of New Genesis is ready to stand strong and fight to secure the future they believe in.

As Azael spirals deeper and deeper into darkness, and Pen grapples with her new leadership role, a familiar name rises to power whose decisions have the potential to rewrite everyone’s future. Dangerous secrets, silent traitors, and unraveling fates means that time is running out. There’s no telling who will survive the final battle.

In this thrilling conclusion to the Ignite series, Pen and Azael return to finish what they started over a millennia ago.

Then there is an excerpt!


Descending the stone stairs of the tower, I shove all thoughts of Jeremy aside. When I crash out into the courtyard, I see her. It’s like running into a wall. It stops me dead in my tracks, seeing my sister for the first time since she betrayed me.

She’s dressed in dark, sturdy leather, and her skin is the color of the spidering ice beneath her. Her shoulders are back—the slump she’d held herself in over so many years ironed away by defiance. There’s a new strength about her that I can’t quite pin, and when Michael reaches out to touch her, a roaring begins in my ears. I’ll cut his fingers off one by one. Then maybe I’ll feed them to the birds.

The wind tosses Pen’s hair across her face for a moment before I can see her more clearly. She’s dark and deadly, her eyes bright and her weapons at the ready. All of her muscles are poised to strike at anything that comes near her, and I drink in the picture of my warrior sister. This is who I always wanted her to be: a fighter, forged from iron and bathed in blood. She could rule Hell by my side. If others saw this version of her, they’d understand.

But no one’s seen this rendering of Pen. They saw the weak girl splashed with ink. The small demon who ducked her head and spoke to herself too often. They see a traitor, a coward, an angel-lover.

I want to kill her. I want to save her.

I don’t know which one will win out tonight.



Az is obviously a ladies man. Look at him, all wanting Pen to rule Hell with him and stuff. If this isn’t a sign of brotherly love then I don’t know what is.

Listen Az let me tell you something. Pen won’t accept k? So you can totally choose me instead!


Such is the hard life of book reviewers. We meet new men every new book yet we just.can’t.decide. I guess we can sample around that way 😉


(jay just breathe in out in out)

okay I’m back to normal now

The interview will be in another post because this one is already long enough!


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