Jinan Interviews: Robert Thier

Sound the trumpets! Ring the bells! We have a knight visiting us today!

Robert and I correspond frequently on Wattpad and he was really glad when I told him I’m writing a review of The Robber Knight to post on my blog.

He was generous enough to give me a bit of his time so I can bring you the following interview.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m a history and literature student from Germany, going by the name of Robert Thier, though my beloved fans have bestowed the nickname of ‘Sir Rob’ on me. I’m blonde, about six feet tall and topped with a brown leather helmet to protect my literary skull in which a rather important bone has been missing from birth. I love obscure classical music and hiking in the countryside, especially in rainy weather, or in winter, when it’s cold enough to freeze your nose off. Most of all, though, I love reading and writing, everything from romance to scientific non-fiction, from philosophy to fantasy.

You go by Sir Rob on Wattpad. How did you acquire that nickname?
Some of my fans reading my story ‘The Robber Knight’ misread the title for ‘The Robert Knight’, thinking that I was referring to myself in the title. So they started bestowing the title of a knight upon me. And I graciously accepted the elevation to knighthood by popular vote. Who could refuse such an offer? 😉

Since you aren’t a native English speaker, do you find writing in English hard? Do you have an editor/beta reader who checks over your work when you’re done?
I don’t find it hard, particularly. English has been my passion for a long time. The one thing I have problems with, since I learned much of my English from audiobooks, is confusing words that sound the same, like ‘bare’ and ‘bear’. But fortunately I do have very helpful fans who point out typos, and one particular wonderful editor who helps me proofread. She’s asked me to keep her name private, though.

You are studying History, right? How much does that help you in your writing? Do you still have to do a lot of research so you can get your facts right?
It has helped me a lot, particularly with my current story ‘Storm and Silence’. My studies were of great help in gaining new insights into the historical developments of feminism and suffragism. And yes, I definitely still have to do research—some online, some in dusty archives that make you cough just from glancing through the windows.

Is being an author something you want to do full time or on the side?
Full time, without a doubt. It’s my dream to be a published author and be able write and write and write for the rest of my life.

What was the inspiration behind The Robber Knight?
I first got the idea watching a German documentary, back when I was still a teenager, about a man who lost his ability to feel pain. There was just something so darkly fascinating about this, I thought to myself “This should happen to a character in a novel.” Thus, I started to write ‘The Robber Knight.’

Do you plan what happens in each chapter or just see where the previous one leads?
I have vague plans for the overall book, but nothing definite. If I get a sudden inspiration, I have no problems with completely changing a chapter’s events.

You’re quite known for your cliffhangers. When you start writing the chapter do you know how you are going to end it or does the cliffhanger come naturally as you write?
It really just comes naturally. I guess it’s the medieval torturer in me, trying to break out 😉

Reuben is probably one of my very favorite literary characters. He is ruthless, yet at the same time, so loving towards Ayla. How do you manage those two sides of him? How do you stay true to his character?
Simple. He’s never just loving or ruthless—he’s either ruthlessly loving or lovingly ruthless. Every action he takes to protect her is bloody and brutal because he loves her. Every step he takes towards her is taken without the slightest hesitation, because he’s ruthless about wanting her.

Did you self-publish The Robber Knight or was it done through a publishing house?
I self-published it. Since I didn’t know which was the better way to publish, I decided to self-publish The Robber Knight series, and try out getting a traditional publisher for my other current book, Storm and Silence. Hopefully, I’ll find out which works better soon.

When are you going to publish book 2? I know we talked about this earlier but I’m sure other readers want to know as well!
I’ll have to write the extra chapters for the Special Edition first that continue the insights into Reuben’s past I started in the special edition of book 1. I’ll get started on that as soon as I’m done with my MA dissertation and I am released from the dark dungeon of university. I think when I’ve posted about half of book 3 on Wattpad will be about the time when I publish book 2. I’m counting down the days to when I can get cracking!


and that’s it!



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