June 2015 Wrap-Up

June was a pretty awesome month reading wise. I added awesome books to my tbr, I read awesome books, and I had an interview with one awesome author.

June also saw me getting out of my reading slump. YEAHHH.


I expected to read wayy more books this month (and I’m still 12 books behind on my reading challenge). But it’s still better than the four books I read in May.

Not sure if you noticed, but only two of the above books are from my June TBR šŸ˜¦ This lead to the followingĀ conversation the other day:

Me: Jay for the love of God stick to what you said you’ll read.

Me: You are right I should totally read what I said I’ll read.

Then I hear myself cackling because that will never happen. meh.

Book reviews for the five first books here, here, here, here, and here.

I also started reading mangas again. WOOOOHHOOOOO. If you are a fan of mangas, you should totally check out Until Death Do Us Part. It’s super awesome and super badass. And the MC is blind. And he’s a sword fighter. Like asdfghjkl.


My friend Mel had nothing but good things to say about Equal Rites and he got me sooo excited about it. I’ll make sure it’s the first book I read in July.

I received an ARC for Miss Mable’s School For Girls. Thank you very much!

Valiant is a fairy tale retelling (what’s up with me and fairy tale retellings recently????). I’ve spent a lot of time searching for it and when I found it I almost had a party. BRING IT ON BABY.

A Book of Spirits and Thieves is a spin off for the Falling Kingdoms series. I haven’t read Falling Kingdoms but I have a reaalllyyyy good feeling about this book.

I’m super super super excited for the books I chose for July! They all sound amazing. I hope I get to read all of them! Here’s to hoping I’ll stick to these books this time!

have you decided on what books you want to read in July? tell meeeee.


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