Blog Changes + Updates

A couple of days ago I posted this post about some small changes. Now the big changes come.

First, I’m going to have a posting schedule. I just feel like it’ll be better this way.


Sunday Post My day off (edited on August 17, 2015)


Book Review


Top Ten Tuesday


Waiting on Wednesday


Book Review


Book Review


Stacking the Shelves


Second thing would be the way I write my book reviews. Previously, it was a summary of the plot, my thoughts, character analysis, bottom line, and who I recommend the book to. But the thing is, I used to dread writing the plot summary. I used to have everything else written down, my thoughts, character analysis, the bottom line, then the plot comes and I blank and I stay days just to explain what the book is about. I couldn’t take it anymore. I went on goodreads and I saw how others incorporate the plot into their original review without having to write out what happens in the whole book. I read many many samples and taught (still teaching) myself.  This need to change it came to me while I was writing the review of my favorite book ever. I tried writing the plot but it just wouldn’t work out. I tried writing one more than once but nope it refused to appear. So I skipped it. And it felt glorious. So now no more plot summary. YAY.

That’s it I guess. Oh wait I forgot to say that hopefully there will be a book review soon. I just finished my finals for the summer semester and I can’t wait to start reading and reviewing again now that I’m free! (and because I don’t have to write a plot summary 😉 )


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