Confession #1: In Which I Swear at Almost Everyone in My Generation

Hi my name is Jinan and if there is one thing I absolutely despise, it’s lying and cheating.

This semester I’m taking Heat Transfer lab. Yesterday we had our first experiment, and the lab report is due tomorrow. Some minutes ago, the people who were assigned to do the calculations sent on the whatsapp group that one of the trials we did had an error of 178%. I’m flabbergasted. 178%???? How on earth is that even possible? Then I remember that the lab engineer was talking to us during the time were we had to check the results and that was probably why our readings were so off. I tell my group that I think we got a huge error because of that.

Then one of the guys offers to play with the equation or the numbers or whatever so we can reduce the error.

I was even more shocked than I was when he had told me the error percentage. “Excuse me? You want to change the values? This is cheating. This is not ethical.” I said. Or something along those lines. Then one of the group members laughs and says “So? This isn’t a final exam.” Another one says “Well being ethical won’t get us an A in this course”.


Let me tell you somethin, my boy, let me tell you somethin

Screw you and your A.

See this paper that has your mark on it? See it? Well in ten years you won’t be seeing it anymore.

But your conscience? Or, actually, MY conscience? You know, that thing that let’s you choose to do the right thing instead of the wrong? I’m sorry, what? You don’t have one? Yeah I didn’t think so. Yeah, well, newsflash darling. I have one. And it tells me that I’d rather get a fucking B with my own work than get an A because I cheated.

But then again, it might only be me.

What sort of messed up generation is this? Since when have humans lost sight of their values? Since when did it become that you have to let go of what defines you in order to be “cool”? How is it that now that those who want to stick to their beliefs and morals are made fun of and laughed at?


2 thoughts on “Confession #1: In Which I Swear at Almost Everyone in My Generation

  1. 3alya September 30, 2015 / 11:53 pm

    I agree with you that our generation is messed up to a certain extent, but maybe that is caused by the way things are done by those not of our generation. I mean the cheating? Perhaps it is caused by the other generations who value marks more than the person. Our ministry is called وزارة التربية والتعليم, and people forget sometimes that raising an individual is more important than cramming them with facts, because then they are useless. Perhaps it is because of the pressure building in the student so that he is more like a robot processing information than a human being learning and understanding. There are certain things those people who are meant to teach us and raise us should consider and act upon. These now are examples from my life as an Environmental Science student. We also have labs, and we need to submit lab reports. Last semester, the chemistry professor wanted our reports to be 100% precise and accurate, to the point where she takes marks if we mess up the significant figures. We were more worried of getting wrong answers than we were of using the wrong methods, we simply did not focus on doing the experiment and then analysing the data later. It was absolutely stressful since 50% of the grade was on the reports. I had never cheated in my life before that. In school my final chemistry average was 98%. I did not need to cheat, but I felt like I had to. I sold my soul, in a way. After that, I had no joy in doing chemistry, I hated it. This semester, however, our professor is something of a mad genius. He lacks charisma, but understands science. When he teaches you can see his passion, and can help but reflect you own. He told us that for the labs the most important thing is for us to attend and focus on what’s happening. The reports are optional, but we choose 5 for him to grade. He said that as long as the reports reflect understanding, even if the value of the numbers in wrong, he counts the point. I get that the values are essentially supposed to reflect what’s going on, but some people are good with numbers, some are not. What he asks of us in no way means less work, we actually have to research some questions he lays on us that are not even in the book, just to get us thinking. My final point is that it is not only us, it is them too. Some of us are more susceptible to act negatively in accordance to these situations (like me) and some are not (like you).

    • Jinan October 1, 2015 / 8:10 am

      I won’t say our teacher isn’t strict because she is, but out of all the lab reports that we do, she drops the lowest two marks or something like that. AND in addition to that, she had already told us not to expect the apparatus to be accurate because they had used it to test other materials. So it wasn’t like all would have been lost. What really got to me is that if they are willing to cheat now, in a lab report, then what does that say about their future lives? you think that when they go and work, when the stakes are higher, they won’t lie and cheat?
      On the other hand, I do get what you are saying. It’s those ridiculously strict teachers’ fault that some students cheat to be able to get the mark (like that teacher of yours who wanted something as unattainable as 0% error).
      But at the same time, let’s not forget that we are university students. We are the new generation. If we think that the teacher is too strict, we should tell them. Because if all this new generation is going to be made up of liars and cheaters, then this world won’t get any better.

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