September 2015 Wrap-up

September was a good month. It could have been better, true, but it was good nonetheless. I read a LOT of books, and even though I didn’t exactly stick to my September TBR (what’s new here 😛 ), I made it up by reading tons of manga. And that’s always a good thing, right?

What ruined this month was that I started many books I didn’t finish (and most likely won’t be finishing). I talked about that more in depth here. Does anyone have the same problem? Please tell me I’m not alone in this.


Suddenly Royal: Wrote a small book review here. Didn’t like it or hate it enough to write a long review for it so I only posted it on goodreads.

Akatsuki No Yona (second book): Read 11 volumes of this and it’s so awesome! It’s not yet completed and I only have 3 more volumes to catch up 😀

Shinobi Life (third book): I only read the first volume. I didn’t like the art, and the MC got on my nerves.

Troubled Waters: Expect a review filled with a lot of fangirling and squealing soon.

Akaki Tsuki no Mawaru Koro: Yeah I have no idea what that means, either. The series is only two volumes.They were okay. I liked the plot, but I thought that there would be more action and more sinister-y things than what actually happened.

A Thousand Nights: COMPLETELY ADORED THIS BOOK. Check the review here.

Suddenly One Summer: Queen Julie James has done it again and made me love a contemporary book! Book review here.

A Curious Beginning: Loved this book! Veronica is so awesome and Stoker is so adorable. It could have used more romance, but hey, this is the first book in the series!

Let the Sky Fall: Book review here.

Millennium Snow: This manga was so adorable. I loved both the female and the male lead but my favorite has to be the bat. He’s just so cuteeee. One note though: the first two volumes were drawn 12 years ago I think?? and then the manga went on a hiatus. The last two volumes ( manga 4 volumes total) were published 10 years after that so the difference between the art quality of the first 2 volumes and the last two is unbelievable. In a completely good way, of course.


Ah yes. My list of shame for this month.

The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra: I feel the worst about this one. It was an ARC. And I didn’t finish it. I’ve DNFd ARCs before but that only used to happen when I absolutely didn’t like the book. This book was fine. I just didn’t click with the Indian culture and I know that the book community has been going on and on about wanting more diverse books and I had one here for free and I didn’t click with it. You are so effing brilliant, Jay. So.effing.brilliant. I want to pick it up again because I know I should give it a chance.

Vengeance Road: SO SAD. Been waiting for it since forever and was hugely let down. Book review here.

Stormdancer: I loved this book okay? I adored it. I couldn’t stop reading it. Then I went and checked spoiler-y reviews and was devastated with what happens in the last book. SO YEAH. BYE.



Did you read any of these? What do you think?


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