Book Beginning: Winter by Marissa Meyer


This is a Friday Book Beginning post, a weekly meme hosted at Rose City Reader.  For more info, click here.

Winter’s toes had become ice cubes. They were as cold as space. As cold as the dark side of Luna. As cold as—

I’ve been waiting for this book for one whole year. A year of agony and withdrawals and missing my Thorne and Wolf. And this book hasn’t disappointed until now. I’m 65% in and I’m so pumped to see the fall of Levana so I can cackle evilly.



12 thoughts on “Book Beginning: Winter by Marissa Meyer

    • Jinan November 27, 2015 / 11:42 am

      I hope you like it as much as I am, Lauren!

    • Jinan November 27, 2015 / 11:54 pm

      eeeh now I’m even more excited to finish it 🙂

    • Jinan November 28, 2015 / 12:04 am

      yes everyone has been so terribly excited for this book and now that it’s out, it’s everywhere lol.

    • Jinan November 28, 2015 / 12:01 am

      i love this sentence too! and please do check the story. it’s awesome!

  1. Maria November 27, 2015 / 8:32 pm

    I haven’t read this book or series – will have to check it out – liked the beginning!

    Here’s My Friday Post

    • Jinan November 27, 2015 / 11:56 pm

      maria if you like fantasy, then I definitely recommend this series!

    • Jinan November 27, 2015 / 11:58 pm

      the descriptions are awesome, right? thank you and have a wonderful week! 🙂

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