Jinan’s 2016 resolutions

I’m determined to change many things in my life this year. 2015 was a rush of colors and events and I won’t let 2016 be that way.

Here are my resolutions. 

  • To be healthier

I want to eat more veggies, to drink more water, and to do more exercise. To those who don’t know, I practice Taekwondo and I want to go to more sessions and to build some muscle. Losing weight won’t be a bad thing either 😉

  • To put myself out there and to get outside my comfort zone.

I want to make more blogger friends as well as ‘real world’ friends. I want to get in contact with more people, not only publishers and authors, but people in the engineering world as that will help me get accepted into a good company. Oh! I also want to start communicating with grad schools to see my options about how I’m going to proceed study-wise.

  • Buy MORE physical books

I know you all want to be LESS books but I actually rarely buy physical books. I don’t work so buying physical books is considered a treat. This year I’m hoping to find a job to help me buy more! Books where I live are terribly expensive so I’m also going to get a credit card so I can buy from the Book Depository. I hear that they have excellent sales. I get butterflies in my stomach when I think about it ❤ ❤

  •   Do some buddy reads with you guys!

I’m going to post an invitation post soon so keep an eye out!

  • Bake more adventurously

I bake a lot and I want to start making those things you see in bakeries like scones, danish pastries, croissants, layered cakes, etc…

  • More Shakespeare!

There used to be a time where I would read Shakespeare without a need for translation texts. Because of my lack of practice, I lost that. Now I want to get it back

  • To continue conquering my anxiety disorder

Sometime in September/October 2015 I admitted to myself that I have Anxiety Disorder. This year I’m determined to be a better and stronger fighter. I’m also determined to help stop the mental health stigma.


Q: What are your new year resolutions?


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