January 2016 Wrap-Up

Aaaand January is over! And I couldn’t be more glad. It seemed as if it was the longest month of my life and I just want to be over it.

Reading-wise, though, it was awesome! I read 11 books and most of them were really good! 😀 However, I didn’t particularly follow my January TBR (again) so for February, I decided to change my approach. Instead of assigning a monthly tbr and trying (and definitely failing) to stick to it, all I’m going to do is compile a list of books that I MUST get to that month, while giving myself plenty of space to pick up other books. I feel like this will help me get to the books that I’ve been meaning to read for a very long time but haven’t done yet. I hope that this will do the trick because I noticed that I don’t like being tied down to a certain list of books that I can’t get out of. I strain against limitations. I don’t like feeling that I HAVE to do something. I’d be really excited for a book but since it’s the only option, I feel caged and annoyed and I end up straying from the list. So hopefully this new way of looking at thing will work.

Books I read

Just move your cursor over the book cover to see if I posted a review of it! (If you’re technologically challenged like me, let me elaborate. You’ll know if I posted a review if when you move your cursor to the cover, a link will appear under it.) If I did, click on the cover, and you’ll get the link of the review 🙂

Books I DNFD


I feel really bad about putting this one here. I was reading it, and enjoying it, but then I drifted away. And I don’t know why. Oh who am I kidding I know why. I went to the last page, read the ending, and didn’t like it. So yeah.

FEBRUARY must reads

Q1 : Read any of these books?

Q2 : Any of them on your tbr? 


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