Jinan Interviews: Robert Thier (again)

Today, as a part of the Storm and Silence blog tour, I bring you an interview with its author, Robert Thier. If you don’t know already, Thier is the author of The Robber Knight and I’ve already interviewed him once before. It’s wonderful to have you here again, Sir Rob! 

  1. Your first book, The Robber Knight, is set during 13th Century Germany while Storm and Silence is set in 19th Century London. That’s one hell of a change in settings! Why did you make such a large time hop?

For two main reason: both are settings I find tremendously fascinating, and I love variety! My next series will probably be something completely different once again!

  1. As a writer of historical books, it’s of utmost importance to get your facts straight. Being an Engineer, I personally don’t have any knowledge in history so I wouldn’t know either way. However, I never once saw anyone complaining that you have messed things up and that’s really admirable! How do you achieve that?

Well, studying history at university helped a bit 😉 But then, of course, there are also legions of helpful history buffs among my readers out there, who point out small mistakes so I can take care of them. **Sir Rob bows to his awesome fandom**

  1. I’ve often heard authors saying that they have characters who are easier to write than others. Is that the case with you too? And if so, who is easier to write, Lilly or Ambrose?

Ambrose. He only takes about one fifth of the words Lilly uses 😉 No, seriously, I don’t really see much of a distinction. To me, the main character in a book feel like a whole, a well-oiled mechanism of action and reaction. If all fit in place, they are all fun to write. What is difficult is making sure that their characteristics fit and complement each other at the beginning of the writing process.

  1. Something that I really love about your books is that the dialogue between the characters never feels forced. It flows very, very well. How do you think of those lines?

I’m not entirely sure, actually. Dialogue is one of the things that I find most easy to write. The lines just come to me, naturally.

  1. Do you know the ending of Lilly and Ambrose’s story, or do you just go with how the plot takes you?

I have a vague idea, but no absolutely definite plans.

  1. If the Storm and Silence characters are to be sorted into Hogwarts, which houses would they be in?

Hmm… Lilly in Gryffindor, naturally. Mr Ambrose would probably have a hard time deciding between Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Ella would probably join Hufflepuff with Edmund, and Lilly’s friends would join her in Gryffindor, although Flora would probably need a great deal of encouragement.

  1. Imagine that Storm and Silence is a young adult contemporary book where Lilly and Ambrose are high school students. What sort of people would the characters be? (Eg: would Lilly be a geek/goth/trouble maker/popular etc…)

Lilly would probably be a Goth or a rocker. Mr Ambrose would probably be a geek and math-wizard who somehow nevertheless manages to be the most disgustingly popular guy in school.

  1. Do you think you could write a reimagined short story where Lilly would meet Reuben? I REALLY THINK THEY WOULD GET ALONG FAMOUSLY.

For that one, I would probably need a time machine! 😉 I guess I could, but trust me, I already have plenty of projects planned, with new fascinating characters to add to my personal fictional universe!


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