2016 ARC August Challenge (Updated list)

It’s been a looong time since I requested any ARCs.

A really, really long time. 

For months, every time I went on Netgalley, nothing would catch my eye. I’d flip through the pages, and nope. Nothing. Zero. None of the books there sounded interesting and I definitely wasn’t going to request a book that I knew I had no intention of reading just for the sake of requesting something (see 2016 resolutions).

As I’m sure you know, as book bloggers, we thrive on ARCs. Our blogs attract more views because we review those books that readers-but-not-reviewers really (REALLY!) want but have to wait on to get published. My long hiatus off ARCs really affected my page views and while I try my utmost hardest to not look at the numbers on my blog —because the main reasons I blog are my love for books and writing, not numbers—, being stuck in the same place gets hard sometimes.

So when I came across this challenge, I signed up so fast I think I left a whirlwind. Then I went on Netgalley, and I while I wouldn’t say I went and started requesting like crazy because I didn’t because of, you know, what I said in the second paragraph, I found some pretty cool books to request.

If you’ve read all that, take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back before continuing. Also, as you probably deducted, August is gonna be self promo month! YAY! Which I absolutely suck at! YAY! 

ARCs to Read (list subject to change)




I know. I can’t believe I got accepted, either. SOMEONE HOLD ME. (My review for McLemore’s debut which I loved!)









What attracted me to this book first was its Mohammad Ali’s famous quote-like title. Then I read the synopsis and was hooked.







This book sounds like the coolest thing in the world.



















Oh my goodness you should’ve seen me dance once I got notified that my request is accepted xD








Only the free sampler but, like, some people can’t get even this so I’m not gonna complain!








 Some more fantasy!





Q1: Are you joining this challenge too?

Q2: Do you have any of these books on your tbr?


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