Book Review: A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird #1) by Claudia Gray


Title: A Thousand Pieces of You

Author: Claudia Gray

Publication Date: November 4th 2014

Format: Audiobook

Marguerite Caine grew up surrounded by cutting-edge scientific theories, thanks to her brilliant physicist parents. Yet nothing is more astounding than her mother’s latest invention—a device called the Firebird, which allows people to leap into alternate dimensions. When Marguerite’s father is murdered, all the evidence points to one person—Paul, her parents’ enigmatic star student. Before the law can touch him, Paul escapes into another dimension, having committed what seems like the perfect crime. But he didn’t count on Marguerite. She doesn’t know if she can kill a man, but she’s going to find out.

With the help of another physics student, Theo, Marguerite chases Paul through various dimensions. In each new world Marguerite leaps to, she meets another version of Paul that has her doubting his guilt and questioning her heart. Is she doomed to repeat the same betrayal?

As Marguerite races through these wildly different lives—a grand duchess in a Tsarist Russia, a club-hopping orphan in a futuristic London, a refugee from worldwide flooding on a station in the heart of the ocean—she is swept into an epic love affair as dangerous as it is irresistible.

five stars

The Plot: Summarized

Marguerite must use her mother’s invention, the Firebird, to jump into other dimensions in order to get her revenge on Paul, who appears to have killed her father.


Oh my God, you guys. Oh my God.




*deep breaths*

My God, but I loved this book! I effing loved it! It was perfect and amazing and, oh, everything I wished it would be and more, so much more. Honestly? I didn’t hold out much hope when I first started listening to it. I was 99.99% sure that this was going to be a blah book wrapped in a beautiful cover.

I don’t remember ever being so glad to be wrong. The setting, the dimensions, the world building, were so rich and detailed and exquisite and colorful. There were so many twists and turns that kept me guessing and repeating ‘oh my god oh my god oh my god’ in my head like a mantra until the very last page.

And the narration?? The narration just elevated the whole thing into a completely different level. Gilbert slides perfectly into the role she’s voicing and it just clicks into your mind that, yes, this is exactly how the character sounds.

Character Analysis


It’s been a long, long while since I’ve loved a character as much as I love Marguerite. I love how strong and brave and straight headed she is and I’m just egging her forward, forward, because I know she’ll do great.


Paul causes my ovaries to explode. Simple as that.


I have mixed feelings about Theo. On one hand he makes me crack up like no other. on the other hand however, I’m having a hard time trusting him after all that shit that went down.

Bottom Line

Do you know a book that’s so great and you have this feeling that no matter how much you try to gush over it you’ll never give it its due? Yeah, this book is one of them.


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