Hi, I’m Jinan and I’m a fire breathing bitch queen.



That didn’t sound as awesome as it did in my mind so LET’S TRY IT AGAIN.

Hi, I’m Jinan! Mainly, I’m a book reader and reviewer, but also a self-taught baker and cookies/brownies enthusiast. And as if that’s not enough, I’m a university student studying Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering which is super interesting but equally vexing and frustrating.

My reviews are sometimes funny, often bitchy, and all the time honest. [Despite my (often) bitchy reviews, I’m actually a nice person. So let’s be friendz 😀 ]


So yeah, that’s basically it. You like what I’m doing? Give me a follow here/tumblr/twitter/pinterest (warning: I pin A LOT) and let’s fangirl/boy over books!

^Find links for all these on your right hand 🙂


I recently started a confessions series where I express myself and my feelings to help me deal with my newly diagnosed anxiety disorder.


My avatar image across twitter and blog are by apofiss.deviantart.com

My header image is attributed to Freepic. (attribution link)

7 thoughts on “About

    • Jinan June 18, 2016 / 11:14 am

      Thank you so much! My post will be up soon 🙂

    • Jinan August 2, 2016 / 8:18 am

      oh my goodness I’m such a horrible person! I still haven’t written my post! today. I’ll do it today! Promise!

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