Review Policies

As of February 2016, I’m not accepting review requests from authors anymore.
Also PLEASE don’t ask me to join blog tours for books I haven’t read. It doesn’t make sense for me to recommend a book to my followers without having read it myself.
Sorry about the inconvenience and I wish you the best of the luck with your book.
Update: For some reason, I’m still getting review requests when it’s clearly stated here that I don’t accept them. I understand that some people might not have visited my blog before requesting but a lot say that they HAVE checked it and yet they still request. Please be advised that I won’t reply to those emails anymore.



2 thoughts on “Review Policies

  1. Christopher Taylor January 3, 2016 / 1:52 am


    My name is Christopher Taylor and I have written a book entitled “Old Habits.” Old Habits is a fantasy novel featuring a thief that is taken out of his comfortable city street life and plunged into a strange plot to take over a castle, hunted by assassins, and fighting for his life in a way only a thief can.

    If you have time and are interested in writing a review, please contact me and I can provide you any format of the book you desire.

    Old Habits is an 89,589-word stand alone story, not part of a series. It was published by Kestrel Arts on July 11, 2011

    My website:

    My Facebook author page:


    Amazon store:

    Goodreads page:

    Lulu store:

    If at all humanly possible I would like a review by January 31, but any review at all at any time is welcome and appreciated.

    • Jinan January 3, 2016 / 10:47 am

      Hello Christopher! Thank you for contacting me. Unfortunately, I’m not accepting any review requests right now. My schedule is very tight with university deadlines and other book reviews.

      Thanks again and perhaps we can work together at another time

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